There are many ways to contribute to our organization – here are just a few:

Voter Outreach

The PCO/Area Organizing Committee chair is currently open, and supports recruitment of, and trains, organizes and assists Precinct Committee Officers in the discharge of their duties. This Committee shall establish Area Organizing Subcommittees (AOS) to advance PCO recruitment and involvement in the Organization.  Contact pco@5thdems.org

The PCO is your precinct’s representative to the Democratic Party – you let us know what your neighbors are thinking about important issues and candidates. Attending meetings (1 a month, 3 hours) is preferable but not mandatory. Any other skills you want to use – let us know and we’ll find a way for you to contribute.

The PCO position requires you to work in your neighborhood throughout the year. You will be a much more effective PCO if you are working with your neighbors regularly (through hosting monthly precinct coffees, walking, calling around, etc.).

The PCO application is here

The Endorsements Committee is appointed by the District Chair as outlined in the District Bylaws. Contact endorsement@5thdems.org

Caucus and Elections
The Caucus and Elections Committee shall plan, organize and hold the Democratic presidential and state caucus proceedings in the District, and shall coordinate Organization efforts on public elections with the KCDCC and WSDCC. This committee will be formed as-needed, with its leadership appointed by the District Chair.

The Communications Committee shall oversee the preparation all Organization communications, including the website, newsletter, The Buzz, emails, and any necessary mailings or invitations. Contact communications@5thdems.org

Fundraising & Events Committee
This committee chair is currently open

This committee seeks to promote and support the 5th Legislative District through activities designed to support ongoing District activities, increase our visibility, promote goodwill, and raise political awareness within the community.

This includes the annual Summer Picnic, the Eastside Dinner and participation in local activities including fairs and parades including the “Booth for Truth” at events like Salmon Days.

The Bylaws & Rules Committee prepares and recommends modifications of the by-laws and rules to the Executive Board and the Membership.  This committee is formed on an as-needed basis, with the District Chair appointing the Committee Chair.

The Legislative Action Committee researches and guides determination by the Membership of legislative priorities and informs the people of the 5th Legislative District regarding such proposed legislation placed before any legislative body having jurisdiction within or over the District. Contact legislative@5thdems.org